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Cell Phone Tracker App – The Moral Impact

Every technology has its share of advantages and disadvantages some can be addressed easily while others take time and efforts to accomplish. The cyber age has brought with it similar, if not the same, challenges. One challenge in particular, stands out above the rest i.e. the cyber bullying. Cyber bullying has become so common these days that it has left both parents and children are equally worried. According to dosomething.org.

“Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online. 1 in 4 has had it happen more than once.”

As a parent, you would take your child’s security as your foremost obligation even if you had to spy their cell phones. Using a cell phone tracker app on your child’s cell phone without their consent can give rise to several issues including lack of trust and even conflicts between children and parents. Keeping all of these in mind, this article will discuss the moral implications of being a spy parent and whether parents should do it or not.

The Ethical Dilemma of Using a Cell Phone Tracker App

There is no doubt that most parents love to give their children the freedom they require. As a consequence, spying on your child’s cell phone is as difficult for parents as swallowing a bitter pill. The irony is that swallowing the pill is the only way to cure the disease. Still, most parents reluctantly use a cell phone tracker app unless it becomes an absolute necessity. Furthermore, even if parents use the cell best cell phone tracker available in the market, chances are that there will be some performance issues as no app to date has provided absolute protection against bullying, prohibited content viewing, dumb calls and sms to name a few.

Ideally, all parents would want to raise their children having confidence and sufficient independence so that they don’t rely on their parents for too long. However, the consequences of using a cell phone tracker app without your children’s consent can have adverse effects when the child finds out about parent’s spying activities. No parent would want that to happen, but when it does, children react aggressively.

The Solution

As much as any parent would want to control the effects of wrongly using the cell phone, the reality is that this proposition is next to impossible. Still, there is no harm in trying things such as:

  • Buy your kid a basic cell phone instead of a smartphone
  • Refuse to buy your child a cell phone
  • Teach them everything they should know about cell phones including the need of spying

cell phone trackerEssentially, the first proposition is a temporary solution at best, but not when your school going child will see other kids with smartphones. The second solution is not even a solution; rather a temporary escape from an inevitable situation as suppressing your child’s urge for a cell phone cannot be suppressed forever. The third is the most suitable of all propositions.

As a parent, you have to tell them the hazards of a cell phone and your intent to reduce those hazards.According to bullyingstatistics.org

“Text bullying has become a serious problem among adolescents and teens.”

By showing confidence in your child, you will win their trust and respect which is a tradeoff that parent would take any day. How do you gain the confidence? Intervention with a cell phone tracking app like SurePoint spy can help. SurePoint spy is your trusted source for mobile monitoring and can easily be downloaded and installed in minutes. Visit mysurepoint.com today!

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