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Is the use of Cell Phone Tracker Software Ethical

cell phone trackerAs more and more people decide to use a cell phone tracker app, the use of this type of software has come under scrutiny. And the reason for that new level of scrutiny is not based on concerns of the legality of the software. It is based on the morality of the use of tracking software.

No one can doubt the many sensible reasons for using cell phone tracker software because there are numerous reasons why the software exists and many different types of the software.

For the parent of a child in today’s digital world, it is tough to filter out all of the bad things that can reach the impressionable minds of children through their smartphones and tablets. The pornographic images and video that once had been so tightly controlled is now readily available to anyone with a cellular or internet connection.

For a spouse or lover worried about the state of their relationship, this type of software can give them the answers that they seek. Not only should a person be afraid of the loss of their relationship because of the loss of a companion, they also have to be worried about the potential diseases that their partner might bring home from their escapades.

A company has to protect not only their corporate secrets, they also have to protect their reputation. If they have an employee practicing corporate espionage, they need to end that activity immediately. Or they may have an employee that is misrepresenting a corporate brand by exhibiting bad behavior such as theft or sexual harassment. This presents the need for surveillance. “Phone surveillance in now more commonly carried out on cell phones. This is become increasingly easy with the availability of cell phone monitoring software. These software are easily purchased over the internet and can be quickly installed in any phone that the person has access to.”

In each of the examples I have listed, there is a problem that a parent, spouse/lover or company has to tackle. And for each problem, there are right ways and wrong ways to rectify the situation.

For the parent worried about their child, they could restrict their child’s use of a smartphone. While doing that, they could reduce the chance that a child could be exposed to pornography. But that could also restrict their child’s access to all of the beneficial information that our digital landscape offers. In order to find the middle ground, that parent could employ tracking software to monitor what their child is exposed to and what they are exposing others to.

For the spouse/lover that is concerned about the state of their relationship, they could benefit from more open communication with their partner. But if a partner is participating in an affair, any communication with them could suffer from their lack of truthfulness. Tracking software would only be the best means possible to determine the truth.

For the company that needs to ensure that their employees are upholding the standard of that company’s brand, there has to be some type of monitoring. Ensuring that a person is not jeopardizing the hard work of others by their conduct is important. Monitoring software can determine if a person is selling corporate information, misusing company equipment or engaging in any behavior that would reflect poorly on a company.

In all of the instances, the morality of using cell phone tracker software can be completely justified as long as its use is for the betterment of all instead of just for mere spying.

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