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Protect your child from pornography and other graphic media with a cell phone tracker

cell phone trackerDid you know that pornography is a multibillion dollar business? Well it is and it no longer has the stigma that it had in the past. Adult filmmakers and stars are some of the most popular people in social media. There are reality shows devoted to people that became famous only because they captured their sexual escapades on video and then shared that footage with the rest of the world. Pornography has become so widespread that it is almost everywhere and available at any time. That means that your child could be exposed to it without you even knowing. You can keep your child from being exposed to explicit images and video by installing a cell phone tracker app Highster Mobile on their smartphone.


Most of us grew up in times where pornography was hidden from the general public. To see a naked woman, we had to sneak a peek at a pornographic magazine. Or if we were lucky, we could stay up late and hope to see a naked woman on late-night cable. As we got older, we found out about adult theaters and bookstores. But even then, these places weren’t easy to find and they certainly didn’t advertise.


Technology changed all of that.


The invention of the video cassette and the video cassette recorder (VCR) brought porn into our homes. The invention of the DVD continued porn’s spread. And then came the internet. Now, instead of leaving your home to buy pornography, it was available right on your computer. And most of it was FREE! Smartphones that could connect to the internet made it possible for anyone to view porn anywhere. And while that made it easy for adults that wanted to view pornography, it also made it easy for children and minors to view explicit material.


Keeping porn away from your kids


Pornography is everywhere now. That reality show that your kids are watching features a woman made famous from porn. That movie in the theaters was based on a book about unusual sexual practices. Even social media is filled with the profiles of porn stars and wannabe porn stars. Where does it end? It ends with the parent that installs a cell phone tracker app on their child’s phone.   A cell phone tracker app will show you which sites your child is viewing while using their smartphone. It will show you the pictures and videos that they are looking at. Are they sending texts with pornographic images? You can find that out. Are they creating their own pornographic material? You can find that out too.   All of this information is available for you to review.


If you find that your child is viewing pornographic material, you can use this situation as an opportunity to talk to them about pornography. More than likely they are viewing pornography because it is everywhere. But don’t let porn become a distraction for your child. There are tools available to help you in your fight to raise a good child in an evil world.

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