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Top 5 Features of Highster Mobile Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Highster Mobile is one of the most popular cell phone tracker software available today. There are millions of satisfied users around the globe using Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software to keep a check on their children and loved ones and to ensure their safety and well-being. The software is compatible with all Apple and Android devices, which makes it ideal to monitor activity of multiple devices. In addition to this, the software has numerous unique features, which are the primary reason behind its immense popularity and usage.

Once the software has been installed on the target device, it automatically starts tracking all activity of the monitored phone, including text messages, images, videos, GPS data, social media websites, WhatsApp, real-time camera view, web history, and much more. The easy-to-use dashboard and excellent customer services provided by the company makes it a perfect choice for anybody looking for an all-in-one cell phone tracker software.

Let’s explore the various powerful features of this stunning cell phone spy software. You’ll never look elsewhere.

Intercept Text Messages

Text messages monitoring is one of the most basic features of cell phone spy software. With Highster Mobile mobile monitoring software, one can gain the ability to read messages received and sent by the mobile users. The software even allows you an access to the messages deleted by the user. Think about how many texts are sent and received, just in your own family, on a daily basis! How could any parent or employer keep track of all them? With Highster Mobile, you can.

Call Tracking

Advanced call tracking feature of the mobile monitoring software allows you to read call logs, even if they have been deleted immediately by the mobile user. You can see how many calls did the user received or made to someone, their duration, and time of each call. With an access to the contact list, you can even know the names of callers. This is paramount to child safety: what if a parent discovers a contact that their child should not be talking to? That parent needs to take control of that situation immediately before it’s too late.

Email Monitoring

Highster Mobile mobile spy software gives a detailed report of emails sent and received by the device user. The administrator can even block unwanted email access, read and filter email messages, and monitor recipients and senders’ email addresses. Text messaging and tracking don’t cover all forms of communication: many people still send emails to relay a message, picture or video. You’ll be able to track all emails from a target phone.

GPS Location Tracking

The cell phone tracker software gives you every ten-minute updates and helps you identify the target location whenever there is a need. This feature is particularly useful for parents who want to keep an eye on their children, and for managers who want to make sure that their employees at present are at the workplace and not idling around somewhere. Another great use of Highster Mobile by businesses is data backup. Say, for example, your business makes multiple and daily deliveries. How can you be sure that your deliveries are made on time? This software gives you two-fold access to ensure  business productivity: the GPS locator will help your employee find the right location, and the real-time targeting ensures that your delivery is made in the hours that your employee promised. In short, Highster Mobile ensures good business!

Access to Photos and Videos

This is perhaps the most interesting feature of Highster Mobile mobile monitoring software. It not only gives you an access to photos and videos stored on the device, you can also gain real-time access to the camera and even capture images remotely. Using the image download option, the user can also transfer image to their own cell phone or computer.

Tweens and teengagers live on their phones. They use social media to contact the outside world, and many teenagers don’t give it a second a thought to overshare pictures and videos with thewhole world, without a second thought as to who could be receiving that information. A cat wearing a shower cap? Share it. Eating grapes at an outdoor concert? Share it. There’s no end to what can be shared, at what time of day, and with whom. But with cell phone monitoring software, at least a parent can have a little more control over their child’s cell phone life. A cat wearing a shower cap and eating grapes are very benign activities. But that doesn’t mean every share is benign. So with Highster Mobile, any activity that a parent deems inappropriate or unacceptable can then be controlled or stopped altogether.

It is not really difficult to choose the best spy software when you consider the different capabilities that Highster Mobile offers. Highster Mobile cell phone spy software offers many unique and exciting features that enhance user’s accessibility to the target device. See the video below for the full scope of this powerful yet affordable and easy-to-use software.


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