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What are the Features of a Cell Phone Tracking App

cell phone trackerIf you have been paying attention to the news in recent years, you have more than likely heard a lot about the monitoring of cellular communications by the US government. The thought of someone monitoring your everyday communications seems scary. But there are situations where the use of a cell phone tracking app can be beneficial for businesspeople or parents. Before you condemn the use of a cell phone tracking app, you should at least know some of the features of this unique piece of software and how it works.

One feature of the software is the ability to see every text message that is sent and received by a particular smartphone. This can be useful if you want to know who an employee or spouse/lover is texting each day. And you will also see if they are texting the people that they are claiming or if they are texting someone else. Mobile media is everywhere. “Mobile phones, digital cameras, ipods, walkmans, laptops, PDAs, Game Boys, and so on consume much of our daily lives. These devices and their corresponding media technologies and play an increasingly important role in the everyday lives of millions of people world wide.”

The software keeps logs related to all of the most popular messaging software used by millions of people each day. So if someone thinks that they can shield their communications thanks to a messaging app, they are sorely mistaken.

Do you want to know where your employees or spouse/lover is during the course of the day, the software will tell you. GPS tracking is updated constantly and you will know where they are and more importantly – where they have been.

Is one of your employees using a company phone to sext their mate? Are they taking pictures of sensitive corporate material to send to a competitor? You be able to see each photo and video taken, sent and received by a particular phone.

Who is your employee or spouse/lover contacting each day. They obviously won’t let you see their contact list. But the software will. Is your husband talking to his ex-wife? Is your employee selling corporate secrets? The names and numbers in their contacts list will give you some clues to the answers of those questions.

What sites are your employees visiting while they are using a company phone? Are they spending time on company business? Or are they spending time on pornographic or gambling sites? The software will give you a detailed browsing history and you will be able to see every site visited. The amount of time they spent on each site, the number of times that they visited each site and the URL of the site will be displayed for you to review. And the information stays there even if the user tries to clean their browser cache.

If you think that an employee or spouse/lover is doing something that they shouldn’t, you will be able to see it through the phone’s camera. Yes, you will have control over a device’s camera. You’ll be able to see pictures that were taken by the camera and you will be able to take pictures without the user even knowing.

All of these features of a cell phone tracking app might seem like overkill but they aren’t. If you feel the need to watch an employee or spouse/lover, you will want the best software that you can get.

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